New Champions: Crash and Piper
Lithuanian Winner 2017
Ansa is back in the business! What a girl power we had, so proud!
What a team we had: 8 salt & peppers and one black & silver! That was huge!
A small show was huge to us: Brother and sister were BOB and BOS.
Thank you Anna for Rudie's great show career debute, BOB-puppy was an excellent start!
Maybe one of the biggest shows for us this year: 64 salt & pepper miniature schnauzers in the same ring. Swedish Winner show 2016 was judged by mr Attila Czegledi. We traveled together with Emppu, Marjo and Susanna. Altogether 3 Miniature Schnauzers and 2 wales springer spaniels.
Two Winner titles for our girls
Same, same but different. First time on the road with Jack’s owner Emppu, who has seen several horse shows, but never spent a whole day at the dog show. And we had 2 of them coming. It was not so long way to drive from Tallinn to Tarto, but snow storm made it a bit longer this time.
6 x CAC possibilities, 5 x CACs taken. Imbrez Just Don't Get It BOB again, Imbrez All Included both days BOS.
Girls' show trip to Tallinn Estonia this time. 5 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 7 Certificates and 2 new titles. What else can you wish for? Oh yes, too little cake, but there will be more cake next time.
Syntynyt 24.9 pippuri & suola pentuja (4+0) yllä olevasta yhdistelmästä / Born on 24th
New ch. Thank You Anna and Anu! picture Katri Heikkinen
Three Salt & peppers and two blacks. Judge Jens Myrman found only one of them worth cq.
Imbrez Batteries Included, a new champion. Pic: Marita Ollikainen
Another CACIB for Crash and New EE CH title to Jack 
BOB and new FI ch to Dina. Also two new comers did it just great!
BOB to Crash and CIB, BALT and LT ch to Era
This year, at last, our family decided to make a combined holiday and exhibition trip to Latvia and Estonia.
Robin agility ura alkoi syksyllä 2014, jolloin Robi aloitti tutustumisen lajiin perheen muiden koirien harjoitusten lomassa. Talven aikana Robi ja ohjaaja Anu pääsivät mukaan Forssan palveluskoirien agility ryhmiin. Varsin pian tuli selväksi, että Robille oli löytynyt oma laji.
It was raining on the way to the Rovaniemi. Weather forecast has promised nice sunny weather for most of the day, but afternoon it promised heavy rain. However the sun was shining and it was Era’s first time in the Champion class. Judge was Mrs Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark. 
Almost like a home show. We were most afraid of the dark clouds in the sky and possibility for rain. Honourable breeder judge Mrs Catharina Almroth judged 21 Miniature Schnauzers of which 4 Imbrez.
After some driving from Riga, and couple of hours sleep, on Sunday we found us from sunny and green Mustiala. One of the most beautiful showgrounds this summer. We had Luke, Iitu and Ferro with us and also Martta and Sylvi with Annamaria.
It was quite a busy weekend, on Saturday we had Latvian Winner Show in Riga. We started our trip already on Friday to be in time in old Riga. 500 km and a 2 hours boat trip took some time, especially when it was raining.
Roxie, Imbrez Spices Included, asuu Pohjois-Karjalassa Joensuussa, joten vuorossa tällä kertaa oli kauan odotettu alkukesän kotinäyttely - ja vieläpä tuplana.
Lähdimme Järvenpään kaikkienrotujen näyttelyy
Helsinki... beautifull weather, ubt not defenitely our day. Almost same dogs in the ring, we have met during the last 3 weeks. And today the end up lines were quite different. Well I have to say as a positive thing that our handlers made my day.
Syntynyt 18.5. pippuri & suola pentuja (1+3) yllä olevasta yhdistelmästä / Born on 18th of May Salt & Pepper puppies (1+3) from the combination above.
Yes indeed, it was a rainy day, the first one for this outdoor season. So there is not too many pics to share. But lot of wet cloths and stuff. 38 Miniature Schnauzer entries were judged by Juha Putkonen who was served as a reserve to Mrs Monika Blaha who was unable to come to Finland.
3rd champion title in a week
Sometimes you just notice how lucky you are when you have friends like this. 36 Miniature Schnauzer entries of which 7 Imbrez. 5 salt & peppers and 2 blacks followed by 10 Imbrez-minded friends of which 5 different handlers to our dogs. And this time we really got something to see.
Sisters on tour!. Imbrez Girls 2nd and 3rd
Time for several 3rd placements
Imbrez Drop The Bomb: Best Of Opposite with Certificate and CACIB! And he was only one of 6 Imbrez dogs in Tampere.
2 girls and 4 dogs on the road again. Suvi and I travelled to Lithuania with salt and pepper Crash (Destineez Crash Run Into Myla) and Viivi (Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue), black and silver Piper (Myla’s Cookies’n Cream), and black Ferro (Imbrez Drop The Bomb).
Tallinn Winner was Suvi & Mikko trip this year while Niina spent time at home waiting for puppies to come. In Tallinn we had a judge to wait for, something different, really. Mr Franki Leug from China judged all the colors. The show venue, Saku Suurhalli, was really full of people.
One male available. Salt & Pepper puppies after Destineez Crash Run Into Myla x Imbrez Lucky Me. Yksi uros vapaana.
Kankaanpää Group Show 9.4.2016 Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari
A new Nord & No & SE & FI ch Imbrez Formalizer
Here we go again. This time to Riga Latvia, for two International Shows. We had with us 4 dogs again, Piper, Kerttu, Crash and black Jack.
Girls' show trip with 4 CAC's
First show in Europe for Am Ch Destineez Crash Run Into Myla was in Tallinn Winter Cup 2016. An International dog show with 31 miniature schnauzers of which 15 were salt & peppers. Judge was Angel Garach Domech from Spain. We had Crash and Kerttu with us.  
This year the Turku weekend was made of a speciality show with 118 Miniature Schnauzers and an Internarional show with 88 Miniature Schnauzers.
Syntynyt 20.2. pippuri & suola pentuja 3+1 yllä olevasta yhdistelmästä / Born on 20th of February Salt & Pepper puppies 3+1 from the  combination above. Yksi uros vapaana. One male available.
Imbrez Forewer Fenway
Long waited and Roxie’s first official show was big two day International show in Jyväskylä. On Saturday Miniature Schnauzers were judged by Ms Elena Kuleshova from Russia. The first of our team in the ring was gentleman Robi, Imbrez Forever Fenway.
Few years have gone since we have visited Tarto. The show venue was still very small and there were no room for cages or tables.
3 times class winners was not enough
Third time in Tuulos for me. This time the judge secretary had made an interesting judge line-up using mostly Estonian and Finnish judges. We had a pleasure to show our dogs to Scottish Terrier breeder Ms Viive Maranik. Yes she is from Estonia, but speaks most fluent Finnish as well.